Kalenderblatt (Deutschlandfunk)

I have been interviewed for several broadcasts of the ‘Kalenderblatt’ (‘calendar sheet’) by the radio station Deutschlandfunk, a programme that looks at important dates and events in history. All the broadcasts in which I collaborated were written by Winfried Dolderer.


1120 vor der Normandie: Der Untergang des Weißen Schiffs (1120 Offshore Normandy: The White Ship Disaster)


Vor 1225 Jahren: Wikingerüberfall auf Kloster Lindisfarne (1225 years ago: Viking raid on Lindisfarne Abbey)


Vor 950 Jahren: Sieg der Normannen über die Angelsachsen bei Hastings (950 years ago: The Normans beat the English at Hastings)

Terra X (ZDF)

‘Terra X’ is a brand used by the German public broadcaster ZDF for documentaries about history, nature, archeology, and science. For a mini series ‘Great Myths’ I was interviewed for the chapter on ‘King Arthur’ directed by Saskia Weisheit. The script was written by Jan Karitzky. Due to the Corona pandemic, production has been delayed, but will (hopefully) be aired in 2021. I am already very excited …